Always on the run

An endurance run between infinite compromises in a partner relationship. In a fierce fight with a swarm of annoying flies during interval-cortisol- trainings with three growing kids. Of course, each with his own challenging course. Because hunger makes all things a bit more complicated, we are still facing at least thirty years of fartlek to work. Oh, did I mention we also have a dog? And we also regularly host sticks, lizards, fish? School hamsters …?

It is no wonder that a sensitive male soul sometimes breaks and escapes to find peace even in the dessert. While strong(er) woman insists. That’s why She is (Non Plus) Ultra, and Him? “Just” Robert.

She (Non plus) ULTRA

How do you do it? is the question I get most commonly asked. And most of the time I just put on a (movie) smile. Since I dont want to kill an illusion that EVERYTHING is really (im)possible. Or at least it doesnt work for me and then again I’m not the one to give advice. The truth is as follows: I wake up at about four in the morning and barely make it to work by eight. Id like to answer arrogantly that it’s because I spend so much time for hair, make up, shower… But I would lie. Make up? Give me a permanent one please, and the nails all natural so I dont look like an eagle. Hair? The longer it is, the easier it’s to tolerate. Clothes? In all color shades as long as they are black. Perfect training routine? Jumping over everyday life obstacles. Meals? Taste the difference, have the remains of a Sunday lunch … and so I live along the line of minimum resistance, with a motto – simplify your life. Only raising a child complicates everything – if you ask the children, I am annoyingly consistent.
As a mother of three, domesticated housekeeper feminist, athlete, journalist, editor of a monthly magazine and a wife of a desert runner, I have innumerable good reasons to understand life, health, peace, enjoyment, food, beauty and fashion in my own way – at heart and by education.

When answering, most often, I just smile…

Him (just) Robert

On the first thought, I find it kind of hard to decide what annihilates me more a »classical« 100 km with a few thousand altitudes or a weekend with my family. Once you know how the body works, there are no major surprises on the sports routes. For ultras, for example, you know that after a good fifteen hours (give or take) a well-known end is waiting for you.

And family?

This is a different kettle of fish. Well, not because I’m not a »hard« guy, but sometimes I bite my nails when my nerves are under pressure. Because when the head thinks it knows all natural disasters, a new wave of earthquake shocks is really just starting. Heaven forbid the gods get involved in the story and send a tsunami – then I can only hide in the desert. Therefore, it is not easy to orchestrate five special talents and, many times, I have to hide in a shelter and cowardly lick my wounds. Fortunately, the first branch of power understands the weak points of my sensitive soul. Because a desert wolf needs an "escape" into a cave, hidden between the mountains. Well, there is nothing left to say – I am grateful that despite of all, you still stick the officer shoulder straps to my shoulders in front of other people.

A desert wolf needs an “escape” into …